NHL Star Clayton Stoner Facing Charges For Killing A Grizzly Bear During ‘Illegal Hunt’


article-2413599-1BA77F31000005DC-565_634x698 ‘Disgusting’: Clayton Stoner, defenseman for Minnesota Wild ice hockey team, posted the photograph of him brandishing the grizzly trophy after a hunting trip last May

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline, Sept 18, 2015

Wildlife campaigners branded his actions ‘disgusting and barbaric’

Ice hockey star Clayton Stoner is facing criminal charges over an alleged illegal grizzly bear hunt in British Colombia in 2013.

The probe was launched after the hockey star was seen on a social media site holding the severed head of a bear.

Environmentalists claimed that the star illegally killed a five-year-old bear in the Kwatna Estuary. He is due to appear in court in Vancouver on October 9.

Stoner faces five potential charges including making a false statement to obtain a hunting licence.

He is also accused of hunting without a licence, hunting wildlife out of season and unlawful possession of dead wildlife.

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