Police Street Checks: Valuable Investigative Tool Or Racial Profiling?


EPS Edmonton Police defend the practice of random street checks.

By Andrea Huncar, CBC News Posted: Sep 14, 2015

While Edmonton police defend ‘carding,’ critics say random checks target aboriginal, other racialized groups

Robert L’Hirondelle speaks openly about his past problems: leukemia, alcohol, homelessness, an assault conviction.

But these days, he’s sober, stays out of trouble and can often be spotted performing in downtown Edmonton.

That’s where he recently bumped into a pair of patrol officers. He shared the story with them of how he turned his life around.

One officer praised L’Hirondelle. The other began questioning how he made his money.

“I was kind of put on the spot, so I kind of froze up. And I have an anxiety disorder and my anxiety started to kick in,” recalled L’Hirondelle, 22.

‘As a young aboriginal male who had problems with addiction and now is doing well for himself, police target me.’ – Robert L’Hirondelle

The officer asked for…

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