Women Fast To Raise Awareness About Kids In Child Welfare System


CaptureCBC Women fast to raise awareness about kids in child welfare system

CBC News

Six women are going without food or water to raise awareness about the number of children in Manitoba’s child welfare system.

The women have set up teepees and lit a sacred fire on the Manitoba legislative grounds and will stay there until Thursday.

The women are there in support of the efforts of The Manitoba First Nations Family Advocate, that was created in June in order to address concerns with how the province handles situations involving First Nations families.

Cora Morgan Cora Morgan sits by the sacred fire. She will be fasting until Thursday.

“We needed to do something to bring about change,” said First Nation Family Advocate Cora Morgan. “It’s not a protest it’s just to help educate people so that they understand what’s happening right now.”

Morgan said she couldn’t continue to watch children being apprehended, almost on a daily…

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