Northern Ontario First Nation Seizes Booze, Kicks Bootleggers Out


northern-store-booze Bottles of booze seized by chief and council of North Caribou Lake First Nation in northern Ontario. (Facebook)

By Tim Fontaine, CBC News

40 oz. bottle of hard liquor sells for more than $300 on dry reserve: chief and council

A remote Ontario First Nation’s chief and council seized an illegal alcohol shipment, burned the booze and gave the alleged bootleggers 24 hours to leave the community on Monday.

“If I know something is coming up here, I will stand up for my community, and I know my council will be right there with me,” said North Caribou Lake First Nation chief Dinah Kanate.

“There’s so much destruction caused by alcohol in our community.”

Leaders of the First Nation are fed up with alcohol being sold illegally in their community, where there has been a ban on booze for years.

Northern Store booze

Some of the booze was allegedly smuggled into North Caribou Lake First Nation hidden in dog food…

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