Hate Crime Complaint Sent To Ottawa Police Service


Note-August-29 (One of the notes left for Sharon Land Fisher at a YMCA in Ottawa)

By Julien Gignac, APTN National News, 

A complaint has been filed with the hate crimes unit of the Ottawa police over notes slipped to an Ojibway woman.

Since late August, Sharon Land Fisher, who lives in a YMCA women’s shelter in Ottawa, has received two notes.

“Indians are disgusting,” says one, the other accusing her of being a “Stupid, dirty, Inian.”

Tanya Schryer, coordinator of the TRY Housing Program for Women at the YMCA, filed the complaint.

“I contacted the OPS to have them come in and provide us with a seminar, which will be mandatory for all the TRY clients to attend, in hopes for people to understand the impact that racism has.”

Schryer admitted this was the most glaring testimony of racism she has heard about while at YMCA.

“It’s right…

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