#NativeVote16 – Bernie Sanders in Indian Country is a story (someone should tell the media)

Indian Country politics and public policy

image8-1 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaking at Pine Ridge. (Campaign photo)

Mark Trahant / TrahantReports

You have to give Bernie Sanders credit for elevating American Indian and Alaska Native issues. He traveledacross Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota, and at every stop (as he has been doing for months now) he calledfor a new relationship between the federal government and tribes.

At Pine Ridge, Sanders said:“The reason we are here today is to try to understand what is going on in Pine Ridge and other reservations,” Sanders said. “There are a lot of problems here. Poverty is much too high. There are not enough decent jobs in the area. The health care system is inadequate. And we need to fundamentally change the relationship between the U.S. government and the Native American community.” (Previous: Bernie Sanders brings out the crowds, but what about voters?)

Of course just bringing Native…

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